Tee to Tank

I am getting out the scissors and pretending that I am seemstress. Here is how to take your favorite tee and turn it into a tank.

Step 1 - Shake it out from the bottom and lay it flat so the seams match. Do not worry about the sleeves. It is all about the seems right now.

Step 2 - Mark 2 inches out from the neck and from the armpit.

Step 3 - Cut in a horseshoe shape to connect the marks.

Step 4 - Turn the shirt over and lay a sports bra on top. Trace the lines and cut the BACK side along the lines.

Step 5 - Take the leftover material and tie in a knot at the top of the back and wind down until you can tie at the bottom.

Viole! You have a fabulously unique tank! Tune in every Fashion Friday as we inspire you on how to feel confident from the inside out and how to style that confidence from the outside in.

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