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Welcome to Confidence Camp, where girls ages 5-12 embark on a transformative journey to discover their inner strength, grace, and self-assurance. Established over 13 years ago, Confidence Camp has empowered over 1000 young girls to blossom into confident, poised individuals ready to take on the world.

At Confidence Camp, we believe in the power of etiquette and self-confidence building. Through a carefully crafted curriculum, girls are equipped with essential life skills that extend far beyond the camp. From mastering the art of public speaking to learning posture and breathing techniques, our campers gain the tools they need to navigate any social or professional setting with grace and confidence.


Where: The Social Club 2910 Mill Street, Reno

Time: 11am-3pm Monday- Friday 

Waiver & Registration details will be sent out by April 12. 

But Confidence Camp is more than just a series of lessons—it's a supportive community where girls uplift and encourage one another. Through team-building activities and group exercises, campers learn the importance of camaraderie and cheering each other on, fostering lifelong friendships and a sense of sisterhood.

Each day at Confidence Camp presents a new challenge, whether it's organizing an event, developing marketing strategies, or refining styling techniques. Campers immerse themselves in hands-on experiences that teach them valuable skills in event production, marketing, styling, and more, preparing them to excel in any endeavor they pursue.

The culmination of their journey is the grand graduation fashion show, where girls showcase their newfound confidence and talents. Designed, produced, and styled by the campers themselves, the fashion show is a celebration of their growth and achievement, a testament to the transformative power of Confidence Camp.

As we witness young women emerge from Confidence Camp with newfound confidence and self-assurance, we're reminded of the profound impact this experience has on their lives. In today's world, where girls face increasingly complex challenges, Confidence Camp provides a safe haven where they can discover their inner strength and shine brightly.

Space at Confidence Camp is extremely limited, so don't miss your chance to empower your daughter with the tools she needs to succeed. Sign up now and join us on this life-changing journey.

Camps are nonrefundable. If cancelled 7 days prior to the camp a credit will be provided for future use. Due to the supplies needed for camps, any cancellations within 7 days of the scheduled date will receive a 25% credit of the tuition towards a future camp. 

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